10 Coolest Tech Accessories to Level Up Your Gaming Desk

Most gamers spend their day on a gaming desk. so why not incorporate it with a fully reactive and adaptive lighting experience or perhaps a cool mouse pad that supports wireless charging wait there’s more …

10 Coolest Tech Accessories to Level Up Your Gaming Desk

Most gamers spend their day on a gaming desk. so why not incorporate it with a fully reactive and adaptive lighting experience or perhaps a cool mouse pad that supports wireless charging wait there’s more so keep on reading.

Headphone Stand:

Headphone Stand

First, we have this really cool headphone stand ready to make a gaming desk setup into modern art. the led light panel supports various colors which looks excellent and you can double it as a night lamp. moreover, you can easily switch between colors using the included remote control. also, the stand can react to sound and change its color.

Govee DreamView G1 Pro:

Govee DreamView G1 Pro

This gadget might be the perfect solution for you if you want a fully reactive and adaptive lighting experience. it comes with two light bars that sit on either side of the monitor. a neon-style tip strip on the other hand goes onto the back of the monitor.

Aside from that a camera module sits right on top of your monitor and enables reactive lighting effects and when combined all together they add another level of immersion to your gaming desk setup.

Mouse Feet:

Mouse Feet

Upgrade your mouse gliding quality with these ceramic glide feed. these offer incomparable gliding better control and superior comfort by limiting friction on your mouse pad. installation is also pretty straightforward. first, wipe off the base of the mouse and then glue the feet under your mouse. lastly, they are compatible with most laser and optical mice on the market.



Say goodbye to messy cables this cable organizer lives on your desk and charges all your daily essentials without tangling or overlapping. its compact and rounded design can complement any modern workspace. furthermore, it intelligently ensures your devices are charging at the maximum speed. advanced transformers on the other hand deliver safe and stable currents that won’t damage your precious devices.

GravaStar Mars Pro:

GravaStar Mars Pro

This thing might look like an alien that came from mars but it’s actually a Bluetooth speaker designed to deliver powerful bass to rock every party. the fun doesn’t stop as it can support up to 15 hours of playtime. the highly sensitive volume control makes audio adjustments simple and easy. overall this can be an excellent setup for gamers with that cool RGB lighting.

ENHANCE Gaming Hub Bungee:

ENHANCE Gaming Hub Bungee

Snagged or tracked cables for making quick mouse movements are a common issue for gamers but not anymore. this all-in-one tool incorporates cable management a USB hub and an led accent to match your gaming rig. additionally, it offers a fixed point of motion with the help of the spring arm so you can have accurate mouse movements and line up your shots in precision.



Next up we have the corsair iq nexus. a cool touchscreen accessory that you can attach to a corsair keyboard to monitor system statistics like GPU and CPU load. aside from that, you can also add different shortcuts for media apps and game control. another pro is that you can take control of the other iq devices as headphones or mice plugged into your system.

G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps:

G.SKILL Crystal Crown Keycaps

Now check out these custom keycaps which will make your mechanical keyboard look way more vibrant and cool. each keycap features a transparent dual-layer design for increased brightness and easy-to-read font. overall these will have a huge impact especially if you’re trying to achieve a specific cool color profile on your gaming desk.

Razer Tartarus V2:

Razer Tartarus V2

Activating skills in a flash is crucial in the middle of an action-packed game with razer tetras v2 that’s possible. thanks to its advanced economics you’ll feel nothing but a comfortable fit while gaming for an extensive period. moreover, the detachable palm rest with two adjustable positions can quickly adapt to your preferred comfort angle, and lastly, with a complete arsenal of 32 fully programmable keys, you can equip yourself with skills hotkeys and macros to come on faster than ever.

Mouse Pad:

Mouse Pad

Here’s another excellent gaming desk accessory that combines the performance of a micro-texture mouse pad with the convenience of wireless charging. simply hover your wireless divisor to the designated area and the built-in led indicator will confirm that your device is charging. don’t have a chainable device no problem.

It got you covered with the included multiple charging adapters. other than that the non-slip rubber base ensures stability no matter how hard you move your mouse. another pro is the convenient USB 3.0 password port to free up valuable space from your gaming desk.

So that was all about the 10 coolest tech accessories to level up your gaming disk thanks for reading if you found this information helpful please give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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