5 Best External SSD for Mac, Macbook Pro IN 2022

Best external SSD for Mac to expand your storage and make your works or projects even more easily without having to worry about sufficient storage. One of the most common issues a mac user faces …

5 Best External SSD for Mac

Best external SSD for Mac to expand your storage and make your works or projects even more easily without having to worry about sufficient storage. One of the most common issues a mac user faces is they might just want additional storage for mac to work better and keep data more conveniently. Sometimes this upgrade can cost more than you expect. that’s when external SSD comes to save the day with its durability compact design and cheaper price range.

All they gotta need is to buy a type c enabled SSD to boost up the storage game for their mac. that’s why we came up with a list of the top five best mac external SSD for Mac, Macbook Pro users who want to elevate their storage.

  1. Samsung T7 Touch
  2. Sabrent Rocket Nano
  3. Sandisk Extreme v2
  4. LaCie Rugged SSD Pro
  5. Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD

Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD:

Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD 2TB External Solid State Drive Portable – USB-C USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Xbox, & PS4-3-Year...
  • BarraCuda Fast SSD combines reliable performance with boosted solid state...
  • Perfect solution for external Xbox or PlayStation storage with faster...
  • Store loads of photos, files, and videos with up to 2TB of massive space
  • Seamlessly connect to a Mac laptop, mini PC, or desktop computer using the...

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Starting at number five we have the Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD that enables you to instantly transfer files and stream saved files and many more to your mac without latency. to begin with, this stylish SSD enhances your max performance with a 540 Mbps fast file transferring ratio. also up to 2 terabyte storage allows you to put photos videos and games as much as you would like.

Furthermore, the reversible USB-c cable and additional type A cable lets you connect not just macs but also pretty much all the universal devices. besides the additional green lead lets, you know the state of the SSD in case the storage gets full and it’s time for you to remove a few files. not to mention the backup system where you can sync the important folders with its backup and folder mirroring software.

All in all the Seagate barracuda fast SSD is one decent device when it comes to fast booting and installation. if you’re looking for a reliable SSD then this is a worthy purchase.

LaCie Rugged SSD Pro:

LaCie Rugged SSD Pro 2TB Solid State Drive — USB-C Thunderbolt 3, Drop Shock Dust Water Resistant, for Mac and PC...
  • Harness top Thunderbolt 3 speeds with the 2TB Seagate FireCuda NV Me SSD...
  • Tackle any terrain with extreme IP67-rated water resistance, three-meter...
  • Includes a Thunderbolt 3 cable for easy connectivity with USB-C or...
  • Take advantage of a one-month complimentary membership to Adobe creative...

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Next up at number four, we have the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro. which is designated for professional videographers and anyone who works outdoors. the extreme ruggedness against dust water drops and crush pressure just puts this a primary pick for all mac users who are always on the go.

Besides its ip67 eligibility for dust and water resistance is the added advantage to its durability points. this 10 feet drop test passed SSD comes with silicon wrapped crush-resistant aluminum case making it almost unbreakable yet stylish.

Furthermore, a write speed of 1780 Mbps and an even faster 2480 Mbps reading speed consume less time than usual while transferring data. in addition to that, the USB connectivity and mac or windows system compatibility just elevate its user accessibility. not just all these you can buckle up all your post-production contents with its giant up to five terabyte storage as well.

So if you need a durable SSD right on your hand in the hottest environment possible then the lacy rugged SSD pro is your deal.

Sandisk Extreme v2 for Mac and iPad Users:

SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD - Up to 1050MB/s - USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2 - External Solid State Drive -...
  • Get NVMe solid state performance featuring up to 1050MB/s read and up to...
  • Up to 2-meter drop protection and IP55 water and dust resistance mean this...
  • Use the handy carabiner loop to secure it to your belt loop or backpack for...
  • Help keep private content private with the included password protection...

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At number three we have the Sandisk Extreme v2. module for Mac and iPad users. who want to extend its storage with portable SSD but in a budget-friendly manner.

However, its budget-friendliness didn’t compromise at all with its durability. as it comes with water and dust resistance along with up to 2000 pound crush resistance. besides you can save up some extra time with its 1050 Mbps read and 1000 Mbps write speed. meanwhile, its aluminum core ensures that the performance remains up to the mark with a stable temperature.

Also, don’t forget the handy carabiner loop to attach the drive to the belt or backpack for extra security when you’re out in the world. in addition, that keep private content secure with the included password protection featuring 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Finally, everything considered the Sandisk extreme v2 is indeed a savior if you need an SSD without breaking the bank.

Sabrent Rocket Nano:

SABRENT Rocket Nano 2TB USB 3.2 10Gb/s External Aluminum SSD (Black) (SB-2TB-NANO-BLK)
  • SUPPORTS - Designed to work with both Windows and Mac OS, so you can...
  • PLUG & PLAY - OS independent, and fully bus powered, No drivers required.
  • SPEED - Ultra-fast 10Gbps throughput, low latency and power efficient. At...
  • DESIGN - Ultra slim aluminum alloy sandblasted shell. Sleek, Durable, and...

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Coming at number two we have the Sabrent Rocket Nano. which is so compact that reminds me of a pen drive. increasing your max storage and making your portability better. its ultra-slim aluminum alloy sandblasted shell is dedicated to style.

convenience and portability while making it an essential pick for traveling with your mac devices. also, cyber rocket nano got your back with up to 2 terabytes of storage which transfers data at 1000 megabytes per second leaving no time to wait.

Besides the type, a to type c cable accessibility ensures the universal connection that you need anywhere you go. its windows and mac compatibility brings a wave of better accessibility for your work and also for home. not to mention its high-grade aluminum specially designed to absorb heat and protect the drive from getting warmer while improving its life expectancy.

With everything mentioned above if you’re someone who needs a compact drive fitting right in your pocket then add Sabrent Rocket Nano to the cart.

Samsung T7 Touch:

SAMSUNG T7 Touch Portable SSD 2TB - Up to 1050MB/s - USB 3.2 External Solid State Drive, Black (MU-PC2T0K/WW)
  • FINGERPRINT SECURITY: SSD With Fingerprint And Password Security
  • BLAZING FAST STORAGE: Reads Up To 1,050 Mb/S / Writes Up To 1 000 Mb/S....
  • LED STATUS INDICATOR: The T7 Touch Features An Led Square That Illuminates...
  • BUILT STRONG: Shock-Resistant And Withstands Drops From 6Ft

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Finally, at number one we have the Samsung T7 Touch with its palm-size shape that comes with an enhanced security module. Firstly it allows you to transfer files with a speed up to 1050 megabytes per second reading and 1000 megabytes per second writing respectively giving your mac a faster data transfer ratio.

Its sturdy build design is the epitome of durability this two-meter fault s fast SSD is made with a metal body that ensures the data inside are intact. now coming to the most exciting feature of this SSD is the fingerprint with a touch or a password making your gear difficult to breach.

Furthermore, the motion led illuminates the state of the SSD so that you stay informed anytime about the transfer. not just these the solid aluminum constructed SSD fits right at your palm and weighs just only 58 grams making sure this is easy to carry. to conclude if you want to elevate max storage whilst ensuring secure data protection then the Samsung t7 touch has to be your gear.

So that was all about the top 5 best Mac, Macbook Pro external SSD thanks for reading if you found this review helpful like it and share it with your friends and comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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