5 Best RTX 3090Ti GPU 2022

Best RTX 3090ti GPU is a solid bed in terms of gaming performance and 3d rendering. as there are plenty of aftermarket variants for this card. how will you choose the one that fits you …

5 Best RTX 3090Ti GPU 2022

Best RTX 3090ti GPU is a solid bed in terms of gaming performance and 3d rendering. as there are plenty of aftermarket variants for this card. how will you choose the one that fits you the best? to help you with that in today’s video we are going to showcase the top 5 best RTX 390ti GPUs.

  1. ROG Strix LC OC 3090 Ti
  5. RTX 3090 Ti FE

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti FE:

Starting at number five we have the RTX 3090 Ti FE founders edition from Nvidia. which is an extremely powerful Nvidia GPU with excellent performance for gaming as well as GPU-intensive tasks. with 1008 GBS memory bandwidth and 1.86 gigahertz boot clock.

It also has 8k gaming capability at a decent frame rate while having headroom for 3d rendering tasks as well. the 24 gigabytes of gddr6x memory is plentiful for keeping your rig future-proof for years to come. this Nvidia ampere graphics card requires about 450 watts of power and they recommend having at least an 850-watt PSU for this card.

As for the cooler, the founder’s edition card has one of the best designs in terms of cooling efficiency and visual aesthetic. GeForce RTX 390 ti is 12.3 inches long which makes it a massive GPU that takes up three slots.

The middle gray color scheme looks quite sleek and will appeal to your steady craving. without a doubt, the RTX 3090 ti is huge in both performance and size that will exceed gaming enthusiasts’ and 3d rendering professionals’ expectations.


Next up at number 4, we have the FTW3 BLACK GAMING from EVGA. a sleek RGB aftermarket variant of the RTX 390 ti with superior clock speed and premium design.

This GPU maintains the same level of performance as the reference model with a base clock speed of 860 megahertz. letting you play modern aaa channel games at a much higher frame rate. just like most high-end models this one also has a triple fan design with an Icx-3 cooling solution to effectively maintain the thermal level during intensive gaming or rendering.

For ports, you get three DisplayPort 1.4 and one HDMI 2.0 that will come in handy while pairing it up with high refrigerated displays. the adjustable ARGB LEDs also look quite impressive and you can customize them via EVGA precision x1 software for syncing RGB outlook. simply put the EVGA ftw3 ultra gaming is a smart choice for gamers and rendering professionals in general.


Number three we have the AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE from gigabyte. which is designed for solid performance at a minimal noise level. this GPU is liquid-cooled where you get a 360-millimeter aluminum radiator equipped with three 120 millimeter fans.

They are pre-assembled so installing it won’t be that much of an issue. the fans are mounted with double ball bearings which keep the noise down to a minimum. consequently, you get to enjoy tranquil gaming and a productive atmosphere.

Its large copper base plate also works like a charm for effective heat dissipation while the 460 millimeter braided tubes ensure liquid does not leak. if you’re aiming for solid performance with minimal noise from your RTX 390 ti GPU then we highly recommend the aura’s extreme water force for you.


Coming up at number two we have the MSI GAMING X TRIO . a behemoth of a card with improved performance and design. what’s different about the MSA variant from the finalist edition is the boosted clock frequency.

MSI has brought up the numbers from 1860 megahertz to 1920 megahertz which ensures greater benchmark scores as well as performance. with RTX 1390 ti’s 10752 Cuda and 84 rate racing cores this thing is a beast that can take on rendering and intensive gaming demands masterfully.

To keep things below temperature it has MSI’s Torx fan 4.0 and precise core pipes that ensure greater thermal stability. MSI’s black and grey theme looks quite sleek in this card as it will fit well with most gaming setups.

On top of that, the subtle touch of RGB has a gaming vibe to it that can also be customized if you prefer. overall the MSI gaming x trio is an excellent car with improved cooling remarkable design and a higher clock speed that you will find amazing.

ROG Strix LC OC NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti:

Finally, number one we have the rog Strix lc by Asus. a closed-loop liquid cooling RTX 390ti GPU that’s quite compact and delivers intense cooling performance. this card looks and feels quite impressive as it has a big shroud with the well-known Strix pattern that covers most of the front and the rest of it is designed with sleek RGB lighting.

The back is covered with a polished metal backplate. altogether the car speaks for vertical mounting due to its amazing frontal design. it comes with a 240-millimeter radiator for closed-loop water cooling which might require effective cable management as the cables are quite thick and messy.

Surprisingly the GPU is quite smaller in contrast with the reference card as it’s only 293 millimeters in length and has an improved boost clock rate of 1980 megahertz. overall the Asus rog Strix lc is a compact yet stylish card with water cooling support that might suit you the best if you’re not planning on additional cooling solutions.

So that was all about the top 5 best RTX 390ti GPU thanks for reading if you found this information helpful like it and share it with your friends and comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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