Galaxy Book 2 Pro VS Dell XPS 13 Plus | Which is the Best 13-Inch Laptop?

Galaxy Book2 Pro has made its appearance in the latest Samsung event and it is looking really good in terms of design, performance, and portability. However, there is a worthy alternative for this laptop, the …

Galaxy Book 2 Pro VS Dell XPS 13 Plus

Galaxy Book2 Pro has made its appearance in the latest Samsung event and it is looking really good in terms of design, performance, and portability. However, there is a worthy alternative for this laptop, the XPS 13 Plus.

samsung’s unpacked event borrowed along plenty of amazing galaxy books, that include the galaxy book 360 galaxy book 2 pro, and galaxy book 2 pro 360. each of these devices features Samsung’s iconic galaxy performance and has plenty of twists of their own but what really caught our eyes is the galaxy book 2 pros. which boasts an ultra-thin chassis powerful specs and tons of perky features for the business and student segment.

however, there is a worthy alternative for this notebook from dell the XPS 13 plus. currently, it’s one of the sleekest looking laptops with advanced performance and bears a close resemblance to the galaxy book 2 pros. in this review, we’re going to compare these two laptops head-on to figure out which one has an upper hand over the other.


Dell XPS 13 Plus Design

Design-wise both of these laptops look thin and minimalistic making them ideal for the student or business class. the galaxy book 2 pro both a clamshell design and is available in both 13 and 15-inch models. it comes in two color variants silver and graphite where both give off a premium vibe. surprisingly the 13-inch model weighs only about 1.91 pounds which almost feels weightless. you also get a fingerprint sensor that offers seamless logon as the name suggests.

The XPS 13 plus comes in 13-inch size has a flat appearance to it and weighs about 2.73 pounds. you get two color variants for this notebook which are silver and white. the most unique thing about this laptop is its capacitive touch row which lets you save up a wide selection of commands.

so comparably the galaxy book 2 pro is lighter and has multiple models to choose from but the capacitive touch row is what makes the XPS 13 plus unique.

Connectivity and Ports:

Galaxy Book 2 Pro Ports

Taking a look at the pawns you only get two thunderbolts 4 ports on the XPS 13 plus and that sums it up in terms of wired connectivity. galaxy book 2 pro however has a wide fleet of ports. it offers an HDMI one USB-C one thunderbolt 4 a USB 3.2 a 3.5-millimeter audio combo jack and a micro sd slot.

Clearly, you get more connectivity options in the galaxy book 2 pro. the two thunderbolts 4 connections and the XPS 13 plus might be limited but can also be broadened up with the help of an external USB c dock.


Dell XPS 13 Plus Design Display spec

The galaxy book 2 pros can get as bright as 400 nits and 500 nits for its hdr contents through its 1920 by 1080p AMOLED display. XPS 13 on the other hand has plenty of display variations ranging from full HD to 3.5 k OLED panels the price tag is also likely to escalate depending on your preference, nonetheless, you can expect up to 500 subtractions from the standard full HD model with that aside.

Memory and Process Power:

let’s take a look at what these portable machines are packing under the hood.

Galaxy Book 2 Pro  Specification

The 13-inch galaxy book 2 pro can be equipped with intel 12 gen i5 or i7 up to 32 gigabytes of ddr5 ram and one terabyte of PCIe SSD storage. it’s powered by 63 watt-hour battery and Samsung ensures up to 21 hours of backup from it. the most tracking change is the 1080p webcam with an auto framing feature that will come in handy for video calls and online meetings. additional perks include a wi-fi 6e Bluetooth 5.1 backlit keyboard and two 4w Akg speakers.

Dell XPS 13 Plus  specification

Moving on to the Dell XPS 13 plus it shares the same specs as the galaxy book 2 pros with the only exception being 2 terabytes of storage instead of one. you also get a quad 8-volt stereo speaker setup a 720p HD webcam wi-fi 6e and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity options.


The base galaxy book 2 pro 13 inch retails for about 1050 dollars. while the XPS 13 plus has an approximate price tag of twelve hundred dollars.

so which of these notebooks is the best truth be told that is debatable while you get more or less the same specs on these laptops they have a certain twist of their own. you get more storage on the xb30 plus a capacitive touch bar and a good speaker system. while the galaxy boot 2 pro cost less has a better camera and weighs less than the XPS 13 plus. if you often participate in virtual meetings and want to save up some bucks you can go for the galaxy book 2 pro otherwise XPS 13 plus will suffice.

so that was all about the galaxy book 2 pros versatile XPS 13 plus debate thanks for reading if you found this review helpful please like it and share it with your friends and comment below to let us know your thoughts

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