TN vs VA vs IPS monitors – Which are the right monitors for you?

while there are plenty of display technologies out there the most common ones are the TN, VA, and IPS monitors. over the years each of them has been significantly improved with revolutionary updates. that can …

TN vs VA vs IPS monitors - Which is the right monitors for you

while there are plenty of display technologies out there the most common ones are the TN, VA, and IPS monitors. over the years each of them has been significantly improved with revolutionary updates. that can be seen on high-end monitors such as the Samsung odyssey series. still, these panels significantly differ from one another, and choosing the right one completely depends on your purpose use.

In this review, we’ll be comparing these panels side by side to figure out the core differences between them and what type of tasks they’re good for.

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Viewing angle:

TN vs VA vs IPS - Viewing angle

The very first and most obvious difference between these panels is the viewing angle. TN panel in this case has the weakest viewing angle typically being 170 by 160 compared to the VA, IPS. when viewed from a horizontal or vertical perspective they tend to lose a lot of color and contrast to get. the most out of them you need to view them from front and dead center. although you might get a slightly better viewing angle on higher-end TN panels it still is a big weakness for them.

The IPS panel, in this case, is the best they often have a 178 by 178 viewing angle which is excellent and has a far less noticeable color shift compared to the Tn panel. VA falls right in between these two panels although they’re not as great as the IPS they get the job done with reasonable color and contrast shifts on them which is ideal for playing games or working on productive tasks such as video editing.


TN vs VA vs IPS - Contrast

In terms of contrast, however, the VA panel is significantly better than the other two they often have a three thousand to one contrast ratio that outcompetes even the most modern IPS monitors. so naturally the TN panels are the worst in producing deep blacks. while the IPS panels with their usual 1001 contrast ratios are slightly better.

Color coverage:

TN vs VA vs IPS - Color coverage

Monitors these days whether TN, VA, or IPS maintain a standard color coverage. even in the worst quality TN monitors, you get to see at least 95 percent of color spacing. the variation can be found in the gamut types and how wide they are for example most TN panels do not exceed 95 SRGB coverage well most VA monitors incorporate 85 to 95 percent Dcip three-color gamut. on the other end, high-end IPS monitors can have up to a 99 adobe RGB color gamut making them the best in terms of color reproduction.

Refresh rate:

TN vs VA vs IPS - Refresh rate

TN panels used to hold the crown of being that monitors with the highest refresh rate followed by IPS and VA however in recent times all three panels can reach 240 hertz at full HD resolution. with that being said the highest refresh rate monitors currently available on the market can reach a maximum of 360 hertz and has either the IPS or the VA panel.

Response time:

Response time has also dramatically improved on the IPS and VA panels which used to be far behind what TN used to offer a couple of years back. so it’s safe to say that the TN panel is becoming obsolete as brands like Samsung and LG keep focusing more on the VA and IPS panel.

it’s losing all of its strong points and is not as practical as it used to be. however, from a budget perspective, it’s pretty cheap and more affordable than the other two if you care less about the viewing angle and color coverage. VA panel’s super high contrast ratio makes it ideal for hdr content and some high-end VA monitors have even better overall performance than an IPS one. despite that IPS panel is the jack of all trades and has a little bit of everything to offer to make them perfect for almost any kind of task.

so that was all about the IPS versus VA versus TN panel monitors debate thanks for reading and if you found this article helpful like it and share it with your friends and comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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