Top PC Cases of 2022 – Mini ITX | Mid Tower | Full Tower

When building a pc case is as important as the risk traffic components. To help you find the perfect one. we are here with our pick of some of the best mini itx mid tower …

Top PC Cases of 2022 Mini ITX Mid Tower Full Tower

When building a pc case is as important as the risk traffic components. To help you find the perfect one. we are here with our pick of some of the best mini itx mid tower and full tower PC cases.

Mini itx PC Cases:

Mini itx cases are trendy due to their compact form and minimal footprint.


NZXT H1 V2 pc case

Starting we have the NZXT H1 V2. a well-built compact case with plenty of feature sets to offer. out of the box, it comes with a 750-watt power supply and an aio cooler to get users going.

The vertical shape of this case can accommodate GPUs of up to 12.7 inches in length and mini itx motherboards. besides that two 2.5-inch, SSD can be mounted inside for storage. apart from the included aio it also comes with a 92-millimeter fan on the rear for exhausting out heat.

The IO is located at the front and has one type c and two USB 3.2 ports for connectivity. while we do appreciate the goodies included in this case the hefty price tag of 350 can be a bit unappealing.

Coolermaster NR200:

Coolermaster NR200

A more affordable option is the Coolermaster and r200 it brilliantly does what an atx chassis would do but in a much smaller form factor. the side panels of this case show off a vented steel design that delivers unrestricted airflow while the tempered glass side panel displays internal components excellently.

With that aside now let’s talk about space for cooling users can install a total of seven 120-millimeter fans and one 280-millimeter radiator while for graphics it can fit a full-length GPU and still have room for one more.

The believers well you can install multiple motherboards including a mini itx and a mini dtx by mounting the PSU in front pretty awesome right.

Mid-Tower PC Cases:

Mid-tower cases are the sweet spot with the appropriate amount of internal capacity and reasonable form factor.



The corsair 4000d airflow is an admirable mid-tower case that boasts a straightforward design intensive cooling performance and super-fast connectivity. it features a high air intake front that perfectly utilizes the fans and a tempered glass side panel.

It also has a separate compartment for atx motherboard a 360-millimeter GPU and an atx power supply lastly two 3.5-inch HDDs and two 2.5-inch SSD can also be mounted on the drive bays. other than the ergonomic front panel this case has enough room for installing three 120-millimeter fans in the front two on their proportions and one in the back to further enhance its cooling potential.

For connectivity, it has a USB-C port on the IO end while still having an additional USB 3.0 port the power button, and the audio connections.

Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh:

Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh

If the airflow is the top priority land cool 2 mesh from lion lee is a solid bed it’s a highly practical airflow case that’s a good performer at a reasonable price point. this case includes one 120-millimeter PWM fan on the rear two 140 millimeters on the front and three 120-millimeter argb for optimal thermal performance.

The high-density mesh panel on the front cooperatively works with the internal fan system to keep components cool during intensive usage while also reducing dust buildup. as for the internal capacity you can install the motherboard up to e80x in size mount up to two ssds and fit PSU’s of up to 210 millimeters in size without having any issue.

Other perky features include fan and RGB controls on the IO tempered glass panels on both sides with a door swing design a sliding drive cage and cable management panels that give this chassis a wholesome appearance.

Full Tower Pc Cases:

Full tower pc cases have limitless possibilities in comparison to mid and small tower ones as they’re quite versatile.

Thermaltake Core P8TG:

Thermaltake Core P8TG

Thermaltake core p8tg is a versatile full tar pc that most pc builders will admire. whether it’s looks or functionality this case aces both standing 660 millimeters high 260 millimeters wide and 626 millimeters deep. core p8 is humongous. the side top and front are covered with four-millimeter thick tempered glass panels to showcase the internal components.

For cooling, it can accommodate both 120 and 140-millimeter fans in almost all mounting locations. ph has been designed with liquid cooling in mind to accommodate radiators of up to 480 millimeters.

Aside from that, it supports a CPU cooler of up to 180 millimeters and a motherboard of up to e atx in size. PSU and GPU can be mounted vertically to make the setup appear stunning. the entire case is modular and lets builders remove or adjust the brackets any way they please.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL:

Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL

For those who are into minimalism and simplicity, Meshify 2 XL from fractal design is a no-brainer. with the matte black finishing and an abstract front mesh panel, this case appears subtle yet stylish. the case is so expensive that users can fit up to 18 HDDs and 5 ssds in the dedicated drive bay and motherboards of up to e atx.

This case comes with 3 pre-installed fans while having room for 6 additional ones. the front filter is completely removable for additional airflow. io is located at the top and has plenty of connectivity options including a type c port. the top is completely removable making the building process less complicated.

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